Will Bed Bath and Beyond’s coupons lift it up to the high place it used to be at?

The last year for Bed Bath and Beyond (NASDAQ: BBBY) hasn’t been easy with a huge drop in its stock price, peaking at $80 and slipping to less than $57.

Currently the price fluctuate between $60 and $65, and investors seem to be reluctant, yet as with any giant enterprise, Bed Bath and Beyond might just make it back to its glory days, as it has such a huge base to lean on.

Besides having many properties scattered accross the country, Bed Bath and Beyond applies some advanced marketing techniques like promoting through special deals and coupons that entice customers to come back again and again, an engagement method it successfully conducts for the past years.

For instance, a customer doesn’t have to go a long way to get a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. Actually, the company excels in this type of customer engagement method, something that just might put it back on its track, and for that we will have to wait and see as only time will tell.

What garbage disposal model to choose?

InSinkErator Evolution Excel
InSinkErator Evolution Excel

A good garbage disposal is a priceless kitchen appliance that can make a big difference, especially for larger households. The right disposer could serve you well a long way but the question is which one is best for you? Which model should you choose?

To answer that you need to ask yourself a few questions such as at which rate are you going to use it, a derivative of how many tenants live in the house, what type of food waste are you going to feed it etc’.

You might want to compare garbage disposal models and take into account factors such as horse power, grinding stages, price and more, when choosing a garbage disposal.

As for the price, this is a very competitive market and prices change evey day, but in the end you’d want to buy a disposer that suits your need indeed, and price is just a secondary consideration.

Image Processing

Image processing is a field in computer science, electrical engineering and electronics that deals with the processing and manipulation of various forms of input such as photographs and video frames.

The image processing itself is usually done after digitally sampling the image but this term also referes to optical and analog image processing.

Enhancing an image, manipulating it in any way or concluding and extracting  information out of it, makes image processing increasingly popular for many applications throughout life such as entertainment, security and many more.

More advanced applications include object recognition and the latest trend – augmented reality. These advanced technologies usually relate to other advanced fields such as AI (Artifical Intelligence).

This field also relates to data compression and trading (stock exchange, currency exchange etc’), as some use it to extract information out of visual graphs that imply market trends.

For example, in the vast majority of Foreign Exchange Market (forex) desktop workstation applications you’d see visual graphs illustrating market trends, or shall I say market behavior. These graphs are practically the result of data processing, and a trader watch it as it flows – processing  in mind the produced graph image to form an educated decision about the next action.

Another example would be the processing of geospatial data. Hexagon Geospatial use image processing technology for their complete GIS package, that is GeoMedia which provides Powerful, Reliable, GIS Management.

The image processing field is wide and competitive, estimated at more than $10 billion.

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